Legendary Leadership
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Legendary Leadership


Over the centuries, Arthurian myths and legends have resonated with millions of readers. Why? Because there is something within each of us that believes that such leaders as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are possibilities within our very real worlds. We intuitively know that the establishment of a "kingdom" based on justice, compassion and nobility, are metaphors for what we humans are capable of becoming and doing. Camelot is not simply a fairy tale. It is an illustration of what we know to be obtainable.For more...

Monte E. Wilson

Monte Wilson trains individuals, teams, and organizations to develop personal and team effectiveness. His work has taken him around the globe and for 40 years he has trained thousands of international leaders in the fields of communication and persuasion, education, and non-profit organizations. As a Corporate Trainer and Life Coach, he has specialized in working across cultural lines throughout the world to establish and sustain successful businesses, both large and small. For more...


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