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As a speaker, Monte possesses the rare combination of being a highly qualified educator and a superbly gifted motivator. For over 40 years, he has traveled the world teaching and training individuals in how to become Legendary Leaders in home, business, neighborhoods, and spiritual communities.

Presently, some of his more popular presentations include:

Your Camelot   

Visions rarely show up unannounced in a single flash of illumination. More often than not, visions grow on us over time, gradually dawning on us. Why is this? Because, as Emerson said, “People only see what they are prepared to see.”

Discovering the reason for your being placed here on earth at this time in history is a process that involves developing your inner self, becoming highly competent in specific skill-sets, and giving constant attention to the intellectual and spiritual battles that are presently vying to define and direct our age.

The Soul of a Legend   

The core of what makes a man or woman a Legendary Leader is who and what they are. There is something about a leader that marks them, causing them to stand out; something about what they are that inspires their deeds, and motivates people to follow their lead.  It is not merely that they have superior skills, although this is important; it is a case where their skills and talents are infused with a unique sense of life, grace and power.

Legend Producing Beliefs   

Legendary Leaders became who and what they believed themselves to be.  Long before the legend was ever produced, the legend-maker possessed soul shaping beliefs that gradually began forming their outer-worlds.

Using King Arthur, as well as the Legendary Leaders Martin Luther King, Jr. and Winston Churchill, Monte describes how these men's beliefs about his vision, self, his calling, his audience, and his message propelled each man toward his destiny.

The Order of Chivalry: Your Code of Conduct   

Arthur established this Order not only because he wanted his Knights to behave in a way that reflected the ideals of Camelot, but, also, because he wanted the citizens of Britain to have examples that inspired them to adopt these same ideals.

Detailing the Ideals held by Arthur’s Knights, Monte gives practical advice as to how you can begin creating a Code that supports your beliefs, value and vision.

The Wisdom of Merlin   

Merlin Coach, Muse, Guide, Counselor, Advisor, and Mentor: call them what you will, but call them. We all need someone brighter, wiser, and more perceptive than we are in the moment. We need another set of eyes or ears, another heart. We need questions that will help us know what we do not know, remember what we have forgotten, see what we do not want to see.

Relying heavily on the legends of Merlin, Monte describes how our coaches and mentors can help us return to child-like faith, envision possibilities heretofore unimagined, keep our brains free of stiffness, and give us a broader perspective on our present circumstances.