Reviews of Legendary Leadership

I have taught and mentored leaders for over thirty years. I find most leadership books uninspiring but this is a rare exception. The poetic nature of leadership, as well as the intuitive sense needed to influence others wisely. are both found in spades in this wonderful book.
-- John H. Armstrong, President, ACT 3

Monte's sage advice reminds me of so many of the conversations I had with Arthur!
-- Merlin

Every chapter is loaded with profound insight on what makes a leader great. Don't read this book unless you're ready to be challenged.
-- Colonel Vaughn Doner, CEO, Children's Hunger Relief Fund

This book deserves the attention of all those who look in the mirror and recognize the leaders that they are today and then dream of the leaders that they could be tomorrow. And it should be required reading for every teenager who dares to break ahead of the pack and one day become the man or woman in charge of making part of the world a better place.
-- Matthew Turco, President, Freeman Supply Company

Had I read something like Legendary Leadership when I was a lad, I could have avoided so many of the failures I am now so famous for having experienced.
-- Lancelot

Legendary Leadership” is a must read for anyone who has a passionate quest for making a difference in the world. Chivalry is not dead and neither are our dreams. The principals in this book transcend time and gender -- and open up a space for us to chase our destiny. Our future is truly in this moment and the Quest for Legendary Leadership is calling you!
-- Lata Chawla, President, Performance Edge

Legendary Leadership is a book that I enjoyed thoroughly and learned much from. Monte Wilson has a great grasp on the essence of what it takes to be great and how to use that inner motivation to be a legendary leader. I would recommend his book to anyone looking for inspiration and understanding of who they are and who they can become.
-- Chris Thompson

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