Legendary Leadership


Over the centuries, Arthurian myths and legends have resonated with millions of readers. Why? Because there is something within each of us that believes that such leaders as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are possibilities within our very real worlds. We intuitively know that the establishment of a "kingdom" based on justice, compassion and nobility, are metaphors for what we humans are capable of becoming and doing. Camelot is not simply a fairy tale. It is an illustration of what we know to be obtainable.

Legendary Leaders is not a book about how to become famous. It is about what it takes to be a leader who leaves a legacy worthy of your beliefs, ideals, standards, and vision.


A word about the Christian milieu in which these legends were written

Because the majority of these legends were written in the Middle Ages, the stories are often punctuated with metaphors from the Christian Tradition. This is especially true with the Quest for the Holy Grail, as well as with Lancelot's moral failures and subsequent reconciliation with his God. Given this fact, this book does contain analogies and references to the Christian Faith. However, this book is written for people of all faiths -- or no faith.

Legendary Leadership
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Attention Ladies!

From the Introduction: "For the women who are reading this very masculine metaphor of Kings, Knights and Kingdoms, as I am using these metaphors, I do so gender-inclusively. To go back and forth between Kings and Queens, Knights and Ladies, would not only be cumbersome, it would be counterproductive, as it is sometimes thought that Queens and Ladies have their place, and it is not ruling and reigning. So, as you are reading the stories and metaphors I am using, you too are meant to be a King and a Knight, to slay dragons, to defend the defenseless, to sit at the Round Table, to build your Camelot, and to become a Legendary Leader."